History of Beta Epsilon Chapter

     The Beta Epsilon Chapter has its origin in Psi Beta Fraternity at the Rhode Island College of Pharmacy & Allied Sciences. Beta Epsilon absorbed Psi Beta and was installed at the Crown Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island, on May 17, 1911. The College of Pharmacy was discontinued at the end of the school year in June 1957. That fall, the Charter was transferred to the University of Rhode Island where a new College of Pharmacy was created.

     In 1961, Kappa Psi presented Beta Epsilon a Citation of Honor when the chapter celebrated its 50th Anniversary. In 1986, Beta Epsilon celebrated its 75th Anniversary with the Diamond Jubilee Celebration at the Biltmore Hotel in Providence. Beta Epsilon has the special distinction of having maintained an active status continuously since it was founded. The chapter neared dormancy in the mid-1980s when membership slipped to just two Brothers. 

  At the 59th Grand Council Convention held in Washington, D.C, Beta Epsilon became the Collegiate Chapter of the Year for the period of 2018 - 2019, ranking #1 internationally.

Beta Epsilon National Officers

Francis Ritchie
  Collegiate Representative of the Executive Committee July 1944
John A. Paglarini
  Collegiate Representative of the Executive Committee 1961-1962
Norman A. Campbell
  Grand Historian 1965-1967
  Second Grand Vice Regent 1967-1968
  First Grand Vice Regent 1968-1972
  Grand Regent 1972-1974
John Grossomanides
  Collegiate Member at Large 1983-1985
  Graduate Member at Large 1987-1991
  Grand Counselor 1991-1993
  Grand Vice Regent 1993-1995
  Grand Regent 1995-1997
Brian L. Furbush
  Collegiate Member at Large 1989-1991
  Graduate Member at Large 1991-1993
  Grand Counselor 1993-1995
  Grand Vice Regent 1995-1997
  Grand Regent 1997-1999
Anthony Palmieri, III
  Grand Historian 1999-2001
  Grand Vice Regent 2001-2003
  Grand Regent 2003-2005
Mike Sherry
  Graduate Member at Large 2001-2003
Brian MacDonald
  Collegiate Member at Large 2007-2009
Matthew Lacroix
  Grand Ritualist 2009-2011
  Grand Historian 2011-2013

Joseph Nardolillo 

Colligate Member at Large                                                      2017-2019

Grand Ritualist                                                                        2019-Present

Notable Beta Epsilon Brothers

Frank H. Eby Award Winners

Presented every two years to the collegiate Brother who has contributed the most to Kappa Psi.

- John Grossomanides (1985)
- Brian MacDonald (2007)

Kappa Psi Foundation Scholarship Winners

- Brian MacDonald (2007)
- Andrew Bundeff (2010)
- Thomas Bertha (2011)
Russell D Poisson (2011 & 2012)
Matthew Mazzucco (2013)
- Patrick Lee (2018)
- Michael Barnes (2019)

Grand Council Scholarship Key and Certificate Award Recipients
Awarded to Brothers who graduate with First Honors or who stand highest in the entire class of graduates.

 - Basilio J. Mignacca (1942)
 - Jason E. Waterman, Jr. (1945)
 - Jospeh Tkacheff, Jr. (1948)
 - Paramaz Avedisian (1954)
 - Raymond H. Johnson (1950)
 - Bernard F. Keegan (1957)
 - Eugene A. Parker (1961)
 - Russell R. Bessette (1962)
 - Stephen P. Ashukian (1963)
 - Fletcher Nehring (2002)
 - Justin Schumacher (2013)

Asklepios Key Recipients
Designed as a special award to be presented by a chapter to its members for outstanding achievements. Although the chapter has always been able to establish its own standards in the selection of recipients for this award it is recommended primarily for excellence in scholarship.
John Grossomanides (1984)
Brian Furbush (1991)
Fletcher Nehring (2003)

Certificate of Appreciation
Designated for members of the Fraternity in recognition of important or conspicuous service which they had performed, either directly or indirectly, in the interest of the Fraternity.
- Norman A. Campbell (1983)

Citation of Appreciation Certificate
Recognizes individuals for their important contributions to the profession of pharmacy.
- Arthur G. Lipman (1983)
- Paul G. Pierpaoli (1983)

Certificate of Commendation
Recognizes important or conspicuous service or achievement by a member in the interest of the Fraternity or profession of pharmacy.
- E. Paul Larrat (1990)
- Heber W. Youngken, Jr. (1990)
- Norman A. Campbell (1991)
- Henrique T. Pedro (1991)

A. Richard Bliss Jr. Grand Council Citation of Appreciation Award

- Herbert S. Carlin
- Ronald Jordan

- Norman Campbell

- John Grossomanides

Anthony Palmieri III (2012)

Presidents of APhA
- Hebert S. Carlin (1984)
- Ronald Jordan

Honorary Presidents of APhA
- Norman A. Campbell

Presidents of ASHP

- Hebert S. Carlin (1970-1971)
- Paul G. Pierpaoli (1984-1985)

Presidents of NARD
- Charles F. Gilson (1950-1951)

ASHP Award for Achievement in the Professional Practice of Hospital Pharmacy
Offered for the most noteworthy contribution to the literature in the professional practice of hospital pharmacy.
- Norman A. Campbell (1978)
- Arthur G. Lipman (1980) 

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